What can be done to stop poaching?

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The poaching of Rhinoceros in South Africa has become a widespread danger, not only to the existence of one of the most threatened species on the planet, but also to their surrounding environments. If these acts are allowed to continue, the Rhinoceros will face extinction, and the delicate ecosystems in which they live will be put under pressure.


However, in the last decade, authorities around the world to help curb have taken various steps this problem. Most recently, the Kruger National Park in South Africa began a program that would allow it to use military grade surveillance aircraft to monitor the population, and with the aid of powerful thermal technology root out any potential poachers before they pose a threat.


Other task forces have been set in place to ensure Rhino safety and to restrict illegal trading on ground level, with 24 hour monitoring of parks that hold any size of Rhino population.


Apart from the security aspect, breeding programs have been set into place to ensure the longevity of the species, and as funding increases (some of which already comes from public donations and awareness drives), there should be more successful results from such institutions.

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