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Would you like your name used as a character in an amazing novel written by an International Bestselling author?  Do you want to support a passionate Team saving some of the most vulnerable creatures on the Planet in this day and age? Then this is online charity auction is what you are looking for.

Best selling author Tony Park is a keen supporter of several charities concerned with wildlife and people in Africa and he has now committed to help The Rhino Orphanage by supporting a campaign that is of vital importance.  With poaching of rhinos escalating over the last decade there is a dire need for innovative ways in which to ensure the safety of these gentle giants.

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The Black Rhino is a secretive, elusive and critically endangered mammal.  The Team at The Rhino Orphanage has committed to raising enough funds to enable Anti-poaching Teams and landowners to more effectively keep track of their rhinos, by sponsoring VHF Tracking devices to them free of charge.  “We are not just keeping our own rhinos safe but want to help our neighbors and their rhinos too.  Poaching is at an all-time high in our area and we will not give up this fight, no matter how disheartening it is.  BUT we can not do this alone….”  With the additional help of Tony and the kind hearted folks at Pan MacMillan, who has donated two hampers with 8 of Tony’s books published by them, much needed funds will be added to this campaign in order to develop new foot collars with tracking devices to all the rhinos in our area.

The best way to have your name, that of a family member or friend or even a co-worker or business partner used as a character in Tony’s future novel set for 2023, is to partake in this charity auction.  In doing so you will also help to keep South Africa’s critically endangered rhinos safer through the Black Rhino Tracking Device Fund run by The Rhino Orphanage.  As an added bonus, the highest bidder will also receive an 8 book Tony Park hamper with titles like Blood Trail, Last Survivor, Ghost of the Past and The Cull.

Thank you to Tony Park for supporting the orphans at The rhino Orphanage and Pan McMillan who has kindly donated two hampers with 8 books each, written by Tony Park.