Poem for Kabelo, by volunteer Monique Poyck

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Our current volunteer, Monique from The Netherlands, wrote this poem inspired on Kabelo, our youngest baby orphan at the moment.


Baby Rhino

Three months old we first met

Your mom lost her unfair fight

In loving hands now

Caring day and night

Earning your trust

Baby Rhino, I have hope for you

Your witty runs through the bush

Galloping as fast as you can

Leaving us out of breath

Cooling off after in a perfect wallow

Makes us touch, your cute muddy bum

Baby Rhino

Full of naughtiness

Eating sand, chasing wildebeest

Oh my god, leave that wheelbarrow alone

We need to stand our firm ground

Baby Rhino

Hmm scratching that´s all so fine

Trees beware

He´s not done yet after number nine

Leaves us with patience

And talks from the grapevine

Baby Rhino

Your wide soft lips

Nibbling on grass

Sucking on teats

That enjoyable smacking sound

Makes us smile even more

Baby Rhino

Alone at full moon night

Hush don´t cry no more

We´ve got milk and time for you

Come and lay

Your weary head near mine

Relax, all is now fine

Baby Rhino, I have hope for you


Your name in Tswana means ´gift´

A gift to love and set free

One day you´ll roam the African fields

Wild and in peace

Leaving us proud

Baby Rhino

I pray for you

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  • Valenka

    So beautiful, I love it.
    Guys I want to know what can I do to volunteer there with you guys? Hope you can contact me soon, love

  • Teresa

    how do you become a volunteer? do only vets have a chance to take care of rhinos?

  • Ngozi Burrell

    How can I volunteer at the orphanage? I’d love to work with you for a few months if possible. I am available in January 2018

  • Kirsty Thomas

    I have just sponsored Grace in the name of my 7 year old daughter, Lolo Grace.

    Is there any way I could have some photos of Grace to make up a book to show my daughter?

  • Jose Rodriguez

    May you please provide me the information on how I can volunteer for this organization. I’m from Miami Florida in the USA. I can go volunteer or just help out for about a week or two. Would this be possible?

  • Jonathan Ross

    Good day. I am interested in voluneering. I am available full time. My mobile number is 081 447 1915, please do contact me if there is some way I can help, or, perhaps, info on where I can send you my C.V. I have no experience working with wild animals but I am willing to offer any help that I can offer. Thank You!

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