The Rhino Orphanage works with and alongside many organisations, government bodies and others in order to save as many victims of the poaching war as possible.
Transporting rhino in South Africa is strictly controlled by government and so we work closely with all of the nine provinces to ensure we are 100% compliant with the law. In addition we work with various government departments on permits and authorisations to maintain our status as an official care facility.
Baby Rhinos Drinking

Baby Rhinos Drinking

Throughout 2015 we will be forming partnerships with others to create a network of three orphanages which adhere to our strict moral code and principles of care and rehabilitation. The first major step forward is a formal relationship with the wonderful people at Care For Wild who have established a rehabilitation facility near the Kruger National Park. This will be a enforced through a formal understanding with SanParks, the body running South Africa’s world Famous Kruger National Park. Working together with these two organisations should help save many more rhino babies.

Our ties to Ondersterport Veterinary Hospital in Pretoria have always been strong and we rely on them for intensive medical treatment when a rhino is very sick or ill. Their dedication and skill is second to none and the world experts their have helped us save several rhino lives.
Northwest Parks and Limpopo Parks also work closely with us as do a network of vets who inform us of poaching incidents where our expertise may be required. This is co-ordinated through our resident vet Dr Pierre Bester, an expert in wild animal treatment.
The Private Rhino Owner’s Association is another body working with The Rhino Orphange to help save as many orphans as possible.
Corporate bodies in South Africa lend great support including Lafarge, New Holland, UD Trucks and First National Bank whose support over our first three years enabled us to launch and sustain the project.
Now with the support of Google and the Google Grants program we hope to take the project to the next level and build a sustainable population founded on the rescue, rehabilitation and release back into the wild of these magnificent creatures. Creatures which are at the very heart of South African heritage and and which faces a critical battle for survival.
Not least among our supporters are the many thousands of individuals who support our work across the world and who now we rely on the keep our work going.
So please visit our donations page and give what you can. Every single dollar, rand, pound, yen, euro is vital ans help saves the innocent victims of this horrific tragedy.


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