Our Mission

The World’s First Baby Rhino Orphanage

– Save Them All – 


These helpless, defenseless babies need love, a life, a home and the chance to receive the greatest gift of all – freedom.

Rhinos Walking


Rhinos Chilling

Rhinos Feeding


  • To build and manage the World’s First Rhino Orphanage
  • To create an environment where orphaned rhinos are safe from poachers
  • To ensure that all rhinos within the orphanage receive the proper treatment, care and love they deserve
  • To ensure that all human contact is kept to an absolute minimum to ensure release back into the wild
  • To keep the public informed on the progress of the rhinos without commercializing or exposing these animals for any profit or gain
  • To continue the fight on behalf of these wonderful animals who cannot fight for themselves


  • We have built the World’s First Rhino Orphanage
  • We are looking after numerous orphaned babies – we do not issue numbers
  • We have been filmed for six months for a worldwide six part documentary on our work
  • We have successfully raised and released several rhinos back into the wild
  • These include one baby who suffered horrific wounds and was recommended to be put out of her misery – 23 panga wounds
  • We are training volunteers in the rehab of baby rhino on a daily basis
  • We are working with a vet college to increase rhino rehab knowledge
  • We are working to create a network of similar facilities



Baby Rhinos Sleeping

Rhinos Cuddling

Rhino Playing

The Rhino Orphanage and its success is dependent on your kind support. We need your help to be able to ensure secure transportation, appropriate treatment and care of our rhino orphans. Please donate here and support us.

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