November… month of changes, by Pete Richardson

 In News from the Orphanage

Pete Richardson, from our Board of Directors, wrapped up November at The Rhino Orphanage on this blog entry.

There is nothing more welcome in Africa around this time of year than something most of the rest of the world takes for granted…RAIN.

When rain is expected each year around the beginning of October after the last rains in April it is very stressful when October comes and goes with almost nothing. As November creeps on with clear skies more and more rain dances are held. Luckily now the rains have come with 75mm in three days and the land is turning green. It makes a massive difference to the animals…and you can almost sense a mood change in the rhino.


One rhino whose mood has changed is Pemba.

Pemba is now in the wild again where he belongs. His journey with us is over and while we are sad to see him go we know this is why we exist…it is the only reason we exist…to care for the little ones until they are ready for the wild where they belong. We wish Pemba a long and happy life and hope his off spring are born to a safer world for rhino.


Another rhino needs to be made happier.

As you may have seen on Facebook Kabelo is now up for adoption. Be it a day, a week, a month or a year you could really make a difference if you can help. Why not maybe adopt as a present for someone who loves animals this Christmas…what a great present that would be for both the receiver AND THE RHINO.


And as well as Pemba we say goodbye to Simone.

Simone has been an amazing member of staff and has been with us for a long time but her journey must also continue. Simone takes our very best wishes with her as her travels continue but we know we will see her again one day as her part of her will be with us for many years to come.

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  • Mike Starry

    I would like to be placed in a vital & urgent location providing armed rhino anti-poaching services. Where may I find out about all of the details including food, shelter, clothing, firearms, ammo, legal protection from prosecution, health care, transportation, etc?
    Thank you,
    Mike Starry
    Fresno, California

  • Sulove Rawat

    Rhinos are very calm and beautiful animal , i would ask you to come to India and do a jungle safari at Kaziranga National Park and explore one horn Rhino.To prepare the itinerary read my travel experience .

  • Fulla Planets

    Congratulations on your work.
    I have recently published a children’s book (Amazon Kindle) on rhino poaching and was wondering if I could visit your sanctuary to meet (or see) some of the orphans. During my research for the book, I visited a number of farms, gathering information and engaging as much as possible with the animals but was unable to meet an actual rhino orphan, which is the topic of my book.
    It would be an honour to meet/chat with a team member and perhaps see one of the orphans.
    Please see my website below for info on the book.
    Thank you
    Best Regards
    Fulla Planets

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