Thandi's calf: the rhino that should never have been born

Nearly three years after surviving a brutal poaching attack that left two male rhinos dead, Thandi the rhino gave birth to a calf on 13 January 2015 at Kariega Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. With footage of Thandi and her calf captured moments after the birth, this film by photographer and filmmaker Adrian Steirn documents Thandi’s journey from attack to recovery. This is story of the rhino that should never have been born.

Watch Afrikaans Rhino Film 'STROOP' Trailer

‘STROOP’ is an Afrikaans film about a woman’s journey to find out what South Africans are doing to ensure the survival of rhinos.

"iThemba": Hope for Africa's remaining elephants, lions, and rhinos

Elephant, Rhino and lion populations are being decimated across Africa. Habitat loss, poaching and other means of human-wildlife conflict have these species on the brink of extinction. At the current rate of decline, we could see these species disappear in the next 5-15 years. That is not our grandchildren’s lifetime, that is OUR lifetime and thus OUR generation’s responsibility. We must come together to speak out and take a stand to generate WORLDWIDE support for saving these species!

Last Days Film

Visit to get informed and take action.
Either we come together now to make these the last days of ivory-funded terrorism or we witness the last days of elephants in the wild.
Created by Director Kathryn Bigelow, Writer Scott Z. Burns and Annapurna Pictures and in collaboration with WildAid.

Saving an Orphaned Rhino

Poachers killed her mother and left her with a bullet in her head. Now this baby rhino’s survival depends on the skill, devotion, and patience of wildlife vet Cobus Raath.

Raising A Rhino Orphan

We spend a day at the world’s 1st rhino orphanage and find out what it takes to raise a rhino calf orphaned by the rhino poaching crisis.

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