Adopt one of our baby rhinos now!

They lost their mother and are in urgent need of your kind support. They need food, medical care, security and – love.

100% of your donation will go directly to your rhino. We do whatever we can to give these beautiful animals what they have almost lost – hope of a peaceful life on this earth.

Make a huge difference in their lives and adopt one of these rhinos now:

Kumba, Lunga & Faith

 Shamara, Amali, Duane, Robynne, Marang, Mofalodi, Charlotte, Alexa, Lasego, Bombi, J’aime, Nandi, Thula, Nenkani, Lunga, Faith, Kumba, Stievie, Ryan, Matthew, Grace & Kabira would love to be adopted

On behalf of these baby rhinos we say: Thank you so much!.

Please choose the rhino baby you want to adopt and select one of the following programs:

  • Supporter / $10 per month: As a supporter you help to provide some of the milk your orphan needs and loves so much
  • Protector / $30 per month: As a protector you contribute to the required medical care and equipment your rhino calf needs to stay healthy.
  • Angel / $50 per month: As an angel you ensure that your rhino calf gets all the love & exercises it needs to learn & to grow so it can go back to the wild one day.
  • Saver / $100 per month: As a saver you enable the required security for your rhino calf. All of our rhino babies grow up in high security standards to ensure that they do not need to experience the horror of their childhood again
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