April 2014

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So April is almost finished and we had rhinos coming and going at The Rhino Orphanage… we welcomed Lesedi, a name which means light, to our rhino family when his mom was poached at Pilanesberg National Park – where we also met amazing people trying to do their best protecting this species. Gabriel, Steve and Perry, our hats go off to you!

After a few days Lesedi joined Pemba and Muffin. This introduction was a win-win situation with Lesedi teaching Pemba and Muffin to be more like wild rhinos and they taught him how nice is to be looked after by our team. The three of them are now in a big camp grazing and wallowing just like a rhino life should be.

Nyani and Shaka got a bigger camp that they love to graze and browse in, eating and sleeping with some exercise in between so they are now our spoiled babies.

A moment of mixed emotions also came when we had to load Takiwe and Nandi and ship them back to their owners. It is a long process after you receive, nurture, rehabilitate them and eventually see them go. We will miss them but we are glad they went back to where they belong, and we will just hope they will stay safe.

We also said good-bye to Kayla and Lizelle and welcomed Camilla and Laura, thanks to these amazing volunteers all our rhinos get the best care they could hope for. We are forever in debt with you girls!



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