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March has been a month of positive changes for humans and rhinos at the orphanage. First of all our volunteers now have their own accommodation on site which will provide them with a good rest so they can be full of energy whilst working with the rhinos. As for the rhinos… After a long time of convincing, hard work and mostly creativity from the team, Nyani , our youngest white rhino, has learnt to eat solid food. It took a lot of convincing from the human moms who had to put the grass in their own mouths, dig their heads in the bowl, prepare grass smoothies, and many other crazy ideas, until something clicked in Nyani’s head that made her start eating by herself and now she always has her mouth full of grass! Shaka, our black rhino, has been munching away all the browse he can get his mouth on, growing so quickly! The long process of weaning Pemba and Muffin has started and they will soon be moved to a larger enclosure to restrict human contact that will allow them to become wild rhinos with lots of grass, mud wallows and rub posts that they enjoy so much. The group we call The Hooligans and all our orphans in general enjoyed all the mud pools that formed after all the rains, rolling in the mud and later scratching on every surface that can provide some relief from the itch of the drying mud, giving the team good laughs with the funny postures they get into trying to reach every spot. And although rhino poaching is on the rise, we don’t stop trying our best to raise these babies in the hope that they will have a safe place to go to when they are grown-ups.

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